It is wonderful when you have a dream and it becomes reality; it is even more wonderful when it is accompanied by additional elements…

An old friend and I had always dreamed to go on a road trip. Life took us to different parts of the world: Cancun and Spain. During one of our online chats we discussed working on a project together. At the time my friend was at the head of a car company, I was working as a photographer. We agreed that we should elaborate on the idea and where better than in one of the most visually appealing places in the world: Iceland.

We worked for months to iron out all the details and set dates. Coincidentally, they coincided with my 10th wedding anniversary. Everything seemed to be falling into place perfectly, but due to the nature of the project it was very challenging to make reservations for the different locations we wanted to see.

Camper van buddies

While doing our research we discovered ‘Go Iceland.’ This is where we found the solution we were looking for: we rented a camper suitable for sleeping through We were provided with a totally equipped unit, which included sleeping necessities, heating, kitchen accessories, tables and chairs. Above all, the vehicle was perfectly suited for the variable climate in Iceland (from sun to snow and from calm to very strong winds within seconds).

Our van was 4-wheel drive with studded tires, a necessity for an adventure without major risks. All roads, including gravel, are in very good condition around the island, and if you follow the road signs, you will be perfectly safe.

4x4 Camper under the Northern lights

Our adventure began in Iceland’s capital where we picked up the camper. Before driving around the island we went ahead and visited some points of interest in Reykjavik such as The Sun Voyager and a stroll around the streets. Due to the nature of our project and the dates (November) some f-roads began to be closed off and therefore we decided to start our trip clockwise.

We drove to our first point of interest , Búðir, a very small church famous for its black color. There we found a camp site that besides having beautiful cabins, it had many horses and best of all we were able to enjoy our first Northern lights. None of us had witnessed the beauty of this unique and different sight, it was spectacular! Then, we headed off to the fjords until we arrived to Snæfellsjökull national park . Even though though the wind was very strong we were able to drive around areas with volcanic formations that looked from another planet.

4WD Camper hire in Iceland Winter camping in Iceland

We arrived at the fjords and as we admired the Greenland Sea we were able to witness the road we´d be driving on further ahead which was quite amazing. As many people say there is barely anybody at the fjords which we found to be odd considering each mile of the scenery is worth watching. We headed north hoping to find Hvitserkur, an imposing rock formation in the shape of a dragon that can be seen from a vantage point . That night we slept at a campsite in Hvammstangi. After undergoing 3 snow storms the sky cleared and we witnessed an Aurora Borealis which seemed to dance in front of us during several minutes.

“…we were in awe taking pictures of so much natural beauty…”

We drove to Goðafoss, the largest waterfall in Iceland and that night we were lucky enough to see another Aurora Borealis that did not cease to dance for an hour. The sky was clear , the waterfall was majestic and meanwhile we were in awe taking pictures of so much natural beauty. We slept in Akureyri nicknamed the Capital of north Iceland. Earlier that night we had dinner at a spectacular sushi restaurant. The next day we headed to Mývatn where we encountered incredible rock formations, volcanic craters and thermal waters surrounded by a frozen lake. After vising so many places that day the thermal waters of more tan 30ºC and an exterior of -12 was a gift for the mind and body. Since many of the roads in the North were being closed off we decided to head down south.

Winter vacation in Iceland

The landscapes were so different, lower lands, straighter roads and many more tourists. We visited Skógafoss, a spectacular waterfall that is very tall and mighty, located next to a camp site and with still some daylight we headed to Reynisfjara, the black beach. The foamy white waves hitting the beach and the basalt rock formations at Reynisfjara was a place we had to come back to during the night. When we went back to the waterfall and magically presented the Northern lights we decided to head to the black beach and there we kept on seeing the Aurora Borealis. Our plan was to take pictures of the DC3 airplane until it started to snow and decided to return to Skógafoss to sleep there.

“…chunks of ice that land on the black shore look like diamonds …”

The next morning we went to to visit the glacier at Jökulsárlón. Standing in front of that deep blue monster that has been detained in time and watching its chunks breaking off and drifting towards the sea is absolutely beautiful. The chunks of ice that land on the black shore look like diamonds and watching this was undoubtedly one of the best spectacles. After spending the day there we decided to return to Reykjavik, full of nostalgia ,with so many powerful images and incredible experiences, our first chapter in Iceland came to an end.

Northern Lights camping

Being able to sleep in the camper allowed us to travel at our own pace . Iceland is a special place to be visited entirely, it climate and scenery changes constantly. The food is unique and of great quality . You can´t leave without trying the delicious soups and seafood. Icelanders are very friendly and will help you find whatever you need.

“…this has undoubtedly been the best trip of my life….”

I have traveled to many places around the world and this has undoubtedly been the best trip of my life. I was able to share incredible moments of friendship, love, and adventure, while fulfilling dreams in the most extreme and incredible place I have visited thus far.

Iceland: the place where many dreams can be realized simultaneously.


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