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Beer In Iceland

As an immigrant from Germany, I of course have experience with quality beers and know that the purity law, in German “Reinheitsgebot” (which allows only hops, malt and water as brewing ingredients) was not just created for fun. Meanwhile, a lot of seasonal beers with all kinds of different flavors and interesting ingredients are brewed.... Read more

Iceland Whales: Where is the Best Whale Watching?

Iceland is well-known as a premier destination for whale watching. The fact is, if you are traveling to Iceland you need to check out Iceland whales!    This article will discuss Iceland whales, the best whale watching tour Iceland style, more specifically whale watching Reykjavik tours, and the best time to see humpback whales in... Read more

Are You Ready to Visit the Elephant Rock in Iceland?

If you are planning a trip to majestic Iceland, you should consider visiting Elephant Island. Iceland is popular for the rich sightseeing it offers, and this landmark is just one example.  In this article, we will cover the Elephant Rock in Iceland, general information about Iceland rocks, and do our best to expertly guide you... Read more

Discover the Magic of Icelandic Runes

If you are visiting Iceland, you might be curious to learn more about Icelandic runes. Exploring the origins of the ancient Icelandic symbols, Viking writing, and Icelandic magical staves is a fascinating journey. Known as the land of ‘Fire and Ice,’ Iceland offers majestic, extreme contrasts in natural landscapes and a culture immersed in mythology... Read more

Blue Lagoon Iceland: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

While you’re on your arctic adventure, make sure to stop at the Blue Lagoon Iceland. This is a must for anyone exploring this majestic island. After soaking in its baths, you’ll quickly discover why it’s one of the region’s most popular attractions.    With a prime location near the Keflavík International Airport, you can either... Read more

Iceland Christmas: How to Have the Best Trip Ever

An Iceland Christmas is one of the most magical experiences you can have. While you’re sitting beside a warm fire with the radiant northern lights as a backdrop, you’ll be amazed as the festivities swell around you. With Icelandic Christmas characters spilling into the streets, you’ll have a holiday you will never forget.    We’ve... Read more